Danger Mites For Man and How to Prevent It

Who is not familiar with of mites? Mites are one animal that likes to live in an environment with a lot of dust, such as a bed, sofa, carpet or in our homes. The mite is an animal that can not be seen by naked eye and is categorized as ticks. Because its development is very rapid in a dirty and dusty, the of mites will very quickly infect you if you do not keep the house well. Actual of mites are not in danger of the animal itself, but the dust mite feces that could have negative effects on humans. If not addressed it could be all family members will have an allergic reaction that does not heal. To prevent and overcome the of mites problem, you can do the killing bed bugs with heat yourself some of the following methods;

1. Minimize material Liked by mites

Mites are very happy with certain places such as mattresses, pillows, and sofas made of cotton. If possible, replace the mattresses, pillows, and sofa you use materials from foam or Dacron. The actual use of objects using a cotton could still be done, but we recommend using the plastic wrap before using the overlaid sheets. Avoid using carpeting in the bedroom because it can be mixed with the dust of mites will infect you when sleeping. Also, avoid some types of toys covered with fur so that your child is having an allergic reaction caused by dust of mites.

2. Attain Temperature and The humidity Room

Mites will breed very quickly in the dust in the room is dark, warm, and humid. To prevent that, you can do it with the bedroom window open to allow air and sunlight can enter the room. Air exchange and also the sunlight will help keep the room conditions become moist so that the development of-of mites can be prevented. Do not forget to always maintain the cleanliness of the room. Do not use a feather duster to clean the dust in the room because of the way it can cause dust to fly and inhaled while breathing. Use a wet cloth or a vacuum cleaner.

3. Replace Sheet and Pillow least once a week

To prevent environmental hygiene and also prevent the development of mites, change the sheets and pillowcases at least once every week. You can wash the sheets and pillowcases use warm water to dust mites nesting in sheets or pillowcases can die. That’s 3 of mites hazards and how to prevent it. It can be concluded that the development of mites in our environment can cause allergic reactions to humans. However, it can be avoided by maintaining the cleanliness and also regulate the humidity environment.