Several Reasons to Choose Cremation over Burial

For the ending process of a funeral, there are at least two types available as some choices to choose from. The first is to bury the corpse in a burial process and the second is to burn the corpse in a cremation process. It is the same in Buddhism as both of them are acceptable in the teachings of the religion. Thus, both cremation and burial are included in the buddhist funeral services singapore. Why there are some people who choose to do a cremation to the corpse than burying it? Here are some reasons to choose cremation over burial.

Recently, in many big cities in countries around the world, the popularity of doing a cremation to the corpse of the deceased have been increasing compared to burying the corpse. It is because cremating the corpse is regarded as one of the solutions which are effective to resolve the difficulty of looking for a plot of land as a place to bury the corpse. Especially, now, a lot of cemeteries have informed that they cannot provide land for new funerals any longer as there is no more land to dig. It is one of the reasons why the cremation process which used to be not allowed and considered illegal in some countries starts to be legalised. Places which are called as crematoriums, a kind of places to do the cremation process, have been established in a number of places.
Other than that, another reason why many people choose cremation is because it is practical and cost-effective.

The cost which is usually charged for a cremation funeral process is relatively cheaper than the funeral with a burial process. The ones taking care of the funeral will not be required to take care anything else after the funeral is done as they do not hate to deal the with the affairs of maintaining the tomb, the cost for the extension of the tomb, and so on.