Tips for Walking Your Golden Retriever

All dogs, of any kind, large and small dogs, including a Golden Retriever, require activities to channel his energy. One of the activities that we can give is to walk with them every morning and evening. For larger breeds, it needs approximately 40 minutes in one way because by walking, the brain of the dog can develop. Naturally, dogs are animals foraging in groups while migrating along every day. By taking a walk with the dog, it could channel its energy and also can teach it that you are the leader.
Here are tips on how to make a walk with your dog becomes a tool to make you a leader:

1. Put the rope guided only when the dog is in a calm state.

2. Prior to work, you must make sure you are in the mood, good mood because the dog can feel your energy is strong or weak, dogs and other animals would not want to follow a weak leader. When your energy is weak sense can follow the following trick: imagine in your mind that you are some famous figure for ruling that has a strong spirit high leader such as Julius Caesar, Napoleon, etc., and let you become that character for a walk the dog you also will feel the energy, and then the road with him.

3. You should always be the first out of the door of new homes followed by your dog, so it’s not your dog out first before you, so when you go home, tell the dog wait, go first and be followed your dog, remember leaders of the world always walk in front of the dog.

4. During walking with your dog to make sure he was always beside or behind you, not walking in front of you, here the important points, because according to the hierarchy of the group dog that runs in front is the leader. Remember, you are going to determine where, when to turn, etc., not the dog.