The dangerous of elephants

If we said the elephant is not dangerous is wrong. Even they are calm and quiet but they can go berserk and kill people in the certain situation especially if they feel threatened. Therefore, we need the expert and people who know the behavior of elephant when they got rampage. We can call the guys from because they know how to calm a raging elephant.

They have a place as elephant sanctuary and it is really worth as the home for elephant. Many reasons that make elephant rampage and escape from their habit or captivity. We can not kill them because they are protected by the government and the world. We have to use cautious steps to handle them. Make sure, there are no casualties when moving elephants because an elephant can kill a man with one stamp. We also could get a serious injury if hit by elephant’s trunk. So, it is not the easy job for everyone because only people who care and have a big love with elephants who want to do this and we can find them at