Want to play longboards? Try these longboarding styles

After getting the longboard for the beginners, it is time for you to know the styles of longboarding sport. Longboarding, however, is a sport that becomes a favorite sport for many young people to fill leisure activities. There are many longboard communities or groups that have been formed by longboarders as a place to gather for the purpose of sharing information and techniques in playing longboarding. In addition, the longboarding is more relaxing than the skateboarding, and it can also be done in various ways. It doesn’t only serve as a mode of transportation, but this activity can also be an extreme sport that nourishes body and soul, especially for those who like to challenge themselves.

In modern longboarding, there are the top longboarding styles that you can do when you do longboarding. Check it out, here they are:

1. Downhill and freeride

For you who loves challenging sport, longboarding can simply offer it to you. Downhill is a longboarding style that can increase your adrenaline. To get the best sensation atmosphere, the longboarder commonly plays longboarding in the mountain or hill areas. But, you need to notice that these longboards need a great bravery in which you will ride your longboard with downward movement. This is the way of playing longboard with the extreme in which every blind turning is a challenge.

2. Curving and cruising

For you who just start doing the longboarding sport, curving and cruising are the styles that you can do simply with the fun. You can do it throughout the sidewalks in the city. You just need to find the road with the ideal slope so that your longboard can hurtle on the road.

3. Freestyle and dancing

For you who have a great creativity, freestyle and dancing are the longboarding styles which can be the best recommendation for you. The common popular tricks are cross step and tiger claw.

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